Cupcakes price list

No minimum order-call us for specials which may be available on the day.

Please provide an alternative flavour to your order, in case something is not available.

Regular Range – £1.80 each.


Vanilla Vanilla – Vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla buttercream and topped with vanilla buttercream and icing flower.

Vanilla & Chocolate – Vanilla Cupcake filled with vanilla buttercream topped with chocolate gananche and crumbled flake.

Maltesers – Chocolate cupcake filled and topped with chocolate ganache and maltesers.

Oreo – Chocolate cupcake filled with white chocolate cream topped with Oreo buttercream and a mini Oreo biscuit

Victoria – Vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry jam topped with vanilla butter cream.

Apple Pie – Apple cupcake filled and topped with apple pie filling, vanilla cream and a dusting of cinnamon.

Lemon Cheesecake – Lemon cupcake filled with lemon curd topped with cream cheese icing and a sugar lemon sweet.



Specials Range £2.00 each.


Snickers – Chocolate or vanilla cupcake, filled with toffee and peanuts topped with chocolate ganache and chunks of ‘snickers’ chocolate.

White Chocolate Lemon – Lemon Cupcake, filled with lemon curd, topped with White chocolate ganache, white choc piece and sugar lemon wedge.

Carrot – Carrot cupcake with mixed fruit and walnuts-topped with cream cheese icing and decorative carrot.

Strawberry Cheesecake – Strawberry cupcake filled with strawberry coulis and topped with cream cheese icing and a strawberry.

Mars – Chocolate cupcake filled with toffee, topped with chocolate ganache and chunks of ‘Mars’ chocolate. (not available June- Sept)

Chocolate banoffee – Banana cupcake filled with caramel topped with chocolate ganache and crumbled flake.

White Chocolate – Vanilla cupcake filled with white chocolate, topped with white chocolate ganache and decorated with white chocolates.

Banoffee – Banana cupcake made with real bananas filled and topped with toffee and white chocolate icing and flaked chocolate.

Red velvet – Red velvet sponge filled with smooth chocolate ganache topped with cream cheese icing.

Jammie Dodger – Vanilla Cupcake, filled with strawberry jam, topped with vanilla buttercream and a mini Jammie Dodger.


Luxury Range £2.10 each.


Double Dairy Milk – Chocolate cupcake filled with real dairy milk choc, topped with dairy milk ganache and dairy milk choc pieces.

Kinder Bueno Special – Chocolate cupcake filled with hazelnut cream and topped with chocolate ganache and chunks kinder chocolate.

Flake Special – Vanilla cupcake filled with chocolate ganache topped with white chocolate ganache and a flake log.

Double Aero – Chocolate cupcake filled with mint buttercream, topped with aero mint ganache and mint aero pieces.

Ferrero – Chocolate cupcake filled with a hazelnut, hazelnut cream and topped with choc ganache cream and a whole Ferrero.

Lindt Lindor – Chocolate Cupcake, topped with milk chocolate ganache and a Lindor Chocolate. (not available June- Sept)

Chocoholics – Chocolate cupcake filled with choc ganache-topped with choc ganache and various choc pieces.

Nutella Dream – Chocolate cupcake filled with Nutella, topped with a nutella cream,sprinkled toasted hazelnuts and hazelnut chocolate square.


Other Indulgences! £24 per dozen.
(Minimum of 12 of same flavour)


Rainbow Cupcakes – Vanilla rainbow cupcake filled with white, milk or dark chocolate or strawberry or lemon, topped with multi-coloured vanilla or white chocolate frosting.

Edible Image Cupcakes – Minimum of 1 dozen of any picture (all of the same image or a theme) Available in chocolate, vanilla, lemon or strawberry. printed onto edible icing disc with images of your choice, perfect for a themed event or to complement a party theme alongside our other ranges.

Party,pretty and novelty cupcakes etc please enquire for full details and pricing.

    Say it with Piece of Cake    

We can create a personalised giftbox of 4,6 or 12 pieces.
Ideal for a birthday, thank you, get well soon, congratulations, new baby, baby showers, etc.

Call to enquire.


Giant Cupcake Flavours available


Giant cupcakes start at £40.
Themed Giant cupcakes start at £50.

Double Chocolate – Chocolate sponge, with dairy milk ganache filling and chocolate covering.

Ferrero or Kinder – Chocolate sponge with chocolate hazelnut nuttela and ferrero /kinder pieces and chocolate covering decorated with ferrero or kinder chocolate.

Maltesers – Chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache filling with crushed maltesers -with chocolate covering and decorated with maltesers.